Hotel accounting is not simply about managing revenue and expenses. Proper hotel accounting procedures provide the foundation on which all financial decisions are based. Independent hotels and hotel franchises have unique financial needs that demand competent staff and an accounting system that will allow management to plan for the future and improve services for both guests and staff alike.

There are many things to consider when assessing the quality of accounting of a hotel property, including staff training, accounting software and forecasting. That's why we provide an experienced hotel accounting team coupled with a centralized hotel accounting system, which together ensure comprehensive accounting services that are efficient, organized and straightforward, and result in reduced operating costs for your property.

We strive to provide full service centralized accounting department that understands the complexities of the hospitality industry. Our Accounting Services includes the following:

• Preparation of monthly financial statements and reports
• General ledger analysis
• Fixed asset recording and maintenance
• Accounts payable management
• Accounts receivable management and monitoring
• Budget development, review and approval
• Revenue reporting and analysis
• Cash reporting and cash flow analysis
• Payroll administration
• Preparation of monthly sales and revenue tax returns
• Accounting Reconciliations
• Comprehensive internal audits