Enterprise Resource Planning

With the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) your hotel can gain a significant competitive edge with full suite hotel management solution. The end to end solution helps you gain tremendous boost in productivity and efficiency by providing a centralized administration system.

We provide Implementation of ERP system customized for your hotel which will enable Information consistency and accuracy across hotel departments, it will simplified cross-departmental coordination and work flow execution and streamlined tasks, which will allow hotel staff to focus on activities that require personalized attention, easier goal setting and monitoring of goal achievement which will lead to cost reduction and increase in profitability.

In the last few years, the hospitality industry has been increasingly adopting technology. Hotel operations are getting more sophisticated as newer aspects such as energy management, quality management, manpower management and others are coming under its scope. Furthermore, hotel properties are getting larger and are often spread over multiple geographies. Technology makes these increasing number of hotel operations manageable and provides rapid and real-time visibility into hotel functioning. It also enables decision-making based on inventory, revenues, guest service and other factors.

Until recently, most hotels had to purchase specific software for each hotel operation such as front office, accounts receivable, CRM, HR and payroll, maintenance, and so on. Integrating these diverse third party solutions into a single database was a nightmare and most hotels ended up with a solution that looked more like patchwork. This led numerous hotel chains to invest in developing and customizing their own hotel softwares.